Welcome to NeuroHub

The NeuroHub project funded by JISC is developing a research information system for neuroscientists at three different partner institutions: Oxford, Reading and Southampton.

Each research group has different working practices, research methodologies and user requirements, which have led to the development of a system that supports a wide variety of tasks in the neuroscience research life cycle.These user requirements have been translated in a research information environment that supports a community of over 70 researchers using the system for day-to-day research tasks. The system is already in production use at the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN) in Reading, the Department of Pharmacology (Neuroscience) in Oxford and the Centre for Biological Sciences in Southampton.


Not only for Neuroscientists!

NeuroHub was originally developed to support neuroscientists but the framework used for development has allowed a ready to install environment that at the same time is adaptable and easily grown to add further features as required – indeed to allow personalisation to suit the needs of a given laboratory.